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Terms Of Service

Welcome to PurplePorno! By using PurplePorno (the “Site”), you agree to abide and be bound by these Terms of Service (the “TOS”) and/or any revised version. Any new service available on the Site or any modification of an existing service shall be governed by the TOS, which may be modified or updated from time to time. We strongly encourage you to regularly review the TOS.

The Site is operated by PurplePorno SAS, United States(“PurplePorno” or “we”).

I. Description of Service


PurplePorno provides its users (“You”), for a non-commercial personal use, with an access (i) to a fully-customizable Site enabling you to select and aggregate content provided by third-parties (“Third-Party Content”) through computer programs called widgets (the “Widgets”), (ii) to a database of Widgets (the “Ecosystem”), and (iii) to tools enabling you to create and publish any content, of any kind, pursuant to the terms of the TOS (“Your Content”) (together, the “Service”). PurplePorno does not provide content but rather operates as an enhanced web browser.

A Widget is defined as a software element providing content, including feeds and data. It is composed of computer code, exclusive property of PurplePorno (the “Container”), used to create the structure of the Widget and to encapsulate the Third-Party Content available through the Widgets.

The use of the Service is free. However, access to Third Party Content may be for a fee: this invoicing is made outside of PurplePorno. PurplePorno does not host Third Party Content and keeps only technical data and personal data, pursuant to our privacy policy.

Widgets and Ecosystem

Widgets may be added from the PurplePorno home page, the Ecosystem or from the internet and their content is provided by professional content providers, other users, or you. You may customize your PurplePorno page (your “Private Dashboard”) by adding or deleting content and by moving and editing each Widget. Your Private Dashboard is accessible through a personal terminal (such as: a computer, a smartphone, or even a tablet) by logging in with your email address and your password. If your browser accepts “cookies”, your Private Dashboard shall automatically be displayed when you connect and all the modifications shall be saved in real time.

The Site also enables you to create, submit and/or share content Your Content by embedding it in a Widget (“Your Widget”) to be posted on line, including on the Ecosystem. Once in the Ecosystem, Your Widget may be selected and used by all PurplePorno users and PurplePorno commercial partners by adding it to their PurplePorno personalized pages or by downloading it.

In addition to your Private Dashboard, you can also create a personalized PurplePorno page accessible to the public and associated with a specific URL (your “Public Page”). With your Public Page, you can share the Widgets of your choice, regardless of whether these Widgets embed Your Content or Third-Party Content.

Finally, in some cases you may directly download Widgets on your mobile terminal without the need to use your Private Dashboard, Public Page or Ecosystem, in particular through the online stores of our Partners.


The Site also enables you to customize the appearance of your Private Dashboard and Public Page by using a visual theme (the “Theme”). PurplePorno offers several themes (the “PurplePorno Themes”) but you can also create your own Themes (“Your Themes”) from Your Content by means of the Theme editor. Your Themes may be posted on the Ecosystem and may be selected and used by all PurplePorno Users on their Private Dashboard and/or Public Page, and you expressly agree to such use.

You shall not use Themes from third party websites to create Your Themes. Only the PurplePorno Themes and the Themes created by the PurplePorno Users from their Content can be posted and shared on the Ecosystem. The Themes can only be posted and shared on the Ecosystem to the exclusion of any other site or personal page.

PurplePorno Premium Dashboard

PurplePorno has entered into commercial agreements with third parties pursuant to which PurplePorno provides tools enabling them to publish, under their responsibility, PurplePorno pages dedicated to a topic by selecting and organizing the Widgets of their choice (the “PurplePorno Premium Dashboards”). The publishers of the PurplePorno Premium Dashboards may offer you exclusive, supplementary tools.

The “tagging” PurplePorno tool (the “SmartTagging”) optimizes the Widgets content interactivity, in particular that of articles. You will be able to associate feelings or information (the “Tag”) with Your Content for which You are responsible and which must respect the TOS. Thanks to a toolbox (the “SmartTag Edit Panel”), You will be able to mark Your Content or Third-Party Content by using the available list of suggestions and feelings colors or by creating your own Tag.

With the pushmail (the “Pushmail”) you may receive emails sent automatically, daily or weekly, under the liability of the third parties that have subscribed to this service. PurplePorno will never make editorial choices with respect to the content of the emails sent by third parties that you may receive through the Pushmail. If the need arises, You are invited to contact the concerned third party.

PurplePorno UWA

PurplePorno has opened its platform to allow publishers and developers to benefit from our technology. PurplePorno Universal Widget API (the “UWA”) is a computer program, published under a free license, enabling you to create Widgets compatible with multiple platforms (the “UWA Widgets”).

Therefore, the majority of UWA Widgets run on multiple platforms, including PurplePorno, iGoogle™, Microsoft Windows™, Mac OS X™, iPhone™ and more.

However, PurplePorno may not warrant that the UWA Widgets run on platforms other than PurplePorno and may not be held liable for the compatibility (or absence thereof) of UWA Widgets with other platforms.

II. Registration and Conduct

Important Information

To access and use the Service, you must be legally capable of entering into a binding agreement and acknowledge that some Third-Party Content might be found offensive by some and might not be suitable for individuals under the age of 18. You must also abide by all applicable statutes and regulations in France and, if applicable, in your home country.

You also acknowledge that the activity of creating, submitting or sharing Your Content may give rise to various types of legal liabilities and you represent that Your Content (whether or nor you are the author of said content) complies at all times (both when first submitted and throughout its accessibility on the Site) with the TOS and all applicable laws. You understand that PurplePorno does not exercise any control over (other than technical if necessary) and does not pre-screen Your Content and Third-Party Content and may not be held liable for their communication to the public.

In particular, you are solely responsible of your choices of Widgets displayed on your Public Page and share them under your sole responsibility, regardless of whether these Widgets embed Your Content or Third-Party Content.

Registration, Email and Password

In order to use the Service, You must create a user account by providing, in particular, a valid email address and a password of your choice. Your email address must remain valid as long as your PurplePorno account remains active and it is your responsibility to update it should it no longer be accurate or current. More generally, all personal information communicated to PurplePorno must always be promptly updated as soon as it stops being true, complete, accurate, or current.

Your password is confidential and you shall not communicate it to any third-party individual or website. You should immediately contact PurplePorno should you have reason to believe that your password is being used by an unauthorized third party. You shall be liable for all actions taken with your password as well as for any loss or liability consequential to such use. We may cancel your account without notice in the case of any violation of the TOS.

Sharing Widgets on your Public Page

You may post and share Your Widget or Third-Party Widget by placing them on your Public Page. You understand that you do so under your sole responsibility and represent that you own all the rights to, or have secured the necessary authorizations for said content.

Conduct of Users

As a condition for accessing and using the Site and the Service, you agree:

  1. Not to post, share, or otherwise transmit any content that is unlawful, obscene, harmful, threatening, defamatory or hateful or that contains objects or symbols of hate, invades the privacy of any third party, or is otherwise objectionable;
  2. To respect the privacy of others and the confidentiality of the information you may receive and not to post, email or otherwise transmit any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation;
  3. Not to harass any other user of the Site or to impersonate another user by any means including by using her/his email address and password;
  4. To always provide truthful, sincere and actual personal data and information and to update said data and information as needed so that they remain true, complete, accurate, and current;
  5. To respect the rights of others and, more generally, all applicable laws and regulations relevant to your use of the Service, and not to make available any content that you do not have the lawful right to transmit (including any content that would violate any confidentiality or fiduciary obligations you might have), that would infringe the intellectual or proprietary rights of any third party (including, but not limited to, copyrights, trademarks, service marks or patent rights), or that would violate the right of privacy or publicity of any public or non-public persons;
  6. Not to engage in any conduct or to post or share any content that would interrupt, destroy, limit or more generally harm the Site and/or the Service or enable you to gain unauthorized access to the Site, including by using viruses, malicious computer code, programs or files;
  7. Not to reproduce, copy, sell, or commercially use (including the right to access) in whole or in part, the Service and/or Site.

In case of any violation of the above, PurplePorno reserves the right to cancel or rename your account and/or to block you from accessing the Site as well as to disclose any information as necessary to satisfy any law, regulation, governmental request or partner request, at its sole discretion. PurplePorno also reserves the right to block the distribution of Your Content or any Third-Party Content through the Service. You also agree that PurplePorno modifies, at its sole discretion, the name of Your Public Page for any reason, including your use of a generic name to identify your Public Page.

Further, you represent that you shall hold harmless (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) PurplePorno, its affiliated companies, its principals, its agents, its administrators, and its employees from and against any claim by any third party arising out of or connected with the use of the Service, the violation of the TOS or of any other document therein, or, more generally, the violation of the law.

III. Posting and Sharing Content

Basic Principles

You may post and share Your Content by creating a Public Page, by posting a Widget and/or a Theme embedding it on the Ecosystem. You understand that you share Your Content under your sole responsibility and represent that you own all the rights to, or have secured the necessary authorizations for said Content. You shall verify that Your Content is in compliance with the TOS and, more generally, is not harmful or unlawful.

You agree to comply with all policies or technical requirements from PurplePorno, provide all the data and information, whether personal and not, requested by PurplePorno, and more generally follow all procedures that may be implemented from time to time by PurplePorno with respect to the Public Pages, the Widgets, and the Themes. Without limiting the foregoing, you will respect all the rules, provide all information, and follow all instructions displayed in PurplePorno website.

You understand that you may not request any payment from PurplePorno for posting or sharing Your Widget, Your Themes and/or Your Content.

Distribution of Your Content by PurplePorno

You expressly grant PurplePorno the right to, directly and indirectly, distribute Your Public Page, Your Widgets, and Your Themes. PurplePorno may distribute Your Content for both commercial and non-commercial uses without being liable to any payment or indemnification of any kind by PurplePorno to you. You agree that PurplePorno distributes Your Widgets either directly, for instance through the Ecosystem, or indirectly, through any of its commercial partners. PurplePorno shall, at its sole discretion, decide whether or not it will distribute Your Content (and how it will do so), select its commercial partners, and determine all the terms and conditions of said distribution. If you disagree with any of the above, you shall not post Widgets or Themes on the Ecosystem, nor a Public Page.

PurplePorno is under no duty to distribute Your Widgets and Your Themes and nothing in the TOS shall be construed as such. Consequently, PurplePorno may in its sole discretion stop distributing Your Widgets at any time and for any reason, including but not limited to, your violation of the TOS or of the Privacy Policy. Without limiting the foregoing, PurplePorno may suppress or have suppressed, from the Ecosystem or from any partner website, all URLs linking to Your Widgets, Your Themes or Your Content or, if applicable, all copies of thereof.


Although you may provide for paid access to Your Content or place monetization tools (including, but not limited to, advertisement and sponsored flux) within Your Content, you may never cause the same, directly or indirectly, to the Container of Your Widget, which remains the sole property and technology of PurplePorno. Any attempt to do otherwise will be a material breach of the TOS and you would be held fully responsible. PurplePorno may modify, without notice, the Container of Your Widget to add or suppress content of its choice, including the phrase “Powered by PurplePorno” or advertisements.

Further and more generally, you shall never, at no time and under no circumstance, attempt to monetize, in whole or in part, any PurplePorno property or technology, without prior written authorization from PurplePorno.

Powered by PurplePorno

PurplePorno may from time to time add content in the container of a Widget, including but not limited to the phrase “Powered by PurplePorno”. Any modification, alteration or suppression of said content will be a material breach of the TOS.

Identification of Your Content

As we do not exercise any control over Your Content, it is your sole responsibility when posting Your Content on the PurplePorno Ecosystem to clearly and truly identify its actual or potential nature to ensure its classification in the proper category. This is necessary for the good operation of the Service and in order to protect other users by identifying content that may be explicit or pornographic.


PurplePorno may collect users’ feedbacks or ratings pertaining to Your Content. PurplePorno may also implement a computerized process that would, without any intervention from PurplePorno, block access to Your Content, without any liability whatsoever.

Personal Data

Before developing Widgets, you must communicate all personal data or information requested by PurplePorno. You must update your personal data or information from time to time so that it remains true, complete, accurate, and current at all times.

You understand that you have no right whatsoever in the personal data or information pertaining to users of PurplePorno or of its commercial partners distributing Your Widgets. Further, PurplePorno or its commercial partners are under no duty to provide you with said data, wholly or in part. You shall never collect the password associated with the account of a user of PurplePorno or of its commercial partners.

You may collect personal data or information from users of Your Widgets, for instance to access additional services. You will only collect, keep, process, use or share personal data or information in a lawful and fair manner in compliance with the strictest legislation. You will never collect or process personal data pertaining to, directly or indirectly, users’ race, health, sexual orientation, or political, philosophical, or religious views. Without limiting the foregoing, you will always inform users that their personal information is collected by you and ensure that they always expressly agree to the intended or possible use of their personal information, including their sharing with third parties. More generally, your privacy policy shall always be compliant with that of privacy policy. Your email address and password are necessary to make your Private Dashboard available from any terminal and/or to safeguard your selections in case of deletion of the cookies files on your terminal.

V. Proprietary Rights

Access to the Site

PurplePorno is the sole holder of all proprietary rights to the Site and the Service including the users’ databases. Any reproduction, display, publication, transmission or, more generally, any unauthorized use of the Site or the Service may trigger your liability and result in criminal or civil legal action. You undertake not to access the Service by any means other than those made available to you by PurplePorno. The use of Third-Party Content may only be done in compliance with the authorization or license granted by the respective rightholders.

Intellectual Property – Copyright

The Site is an original work protected by intellectual property laws and international conventions. Its structure and the Third-Party Content available may be protected by copyright or any other intellectual property right. You warrant that you will not modify, lease, borrow, sell, or distribute these works, or create derivative works based wholly or partly on the Site or on Third-Party Content. You may access the Site for your personal and private use. Printing is limited to your personal non-commercial use; any other use or communication is prohibited without receiving PurplePorno’ prior written consent. All rights not expressly granted to you by the TOS are reserved.


The registered PurplePorno trademark and logo and all other PurplePorno trademarks are owned by PurplePorno. You agree not to use or communicate said trademarks or logo without our written consent. However, and by exception, you may reproduce the PurplePorno button on your website to enable users to add Your Content to their personalized PurplePorno web pages.

Intellectual Property of Others

We respect the intellectual property of others. If you believe that material over which you have rights has been reproduced or used in such a way as to constitute an infringement, please contact us with your personal information, a description of your work, the location on the Site of the potentially infringing material, a statement of the rights you have asserted over the work, and a statement of the absence of authorization given to the party using said material.

Third Party Rights

Without prejudice to the step that PurplePorno may take to protect its rights, PurplePorno reserves the right, without justification nor notice, to prevent access to any Content or to delete or disable any Widget (including when it has been downloaded, by remotely disabling it directly on the relevant terminal) that may harm third parties rights, which you expressly agree.

Your Content

You hereby grant PurplePorno the right to incorporate in its Services and Site Your Content as well as to distribute Your Public Pages, Your Widgets, and Your Themes and as such reproduce, display, perform, adapt, and communicate to the public Your Content, worldwide and as long as your Widgets and Your Themes are accessible on the Ecosystem. You further grant PurplePorno the right to reproduce your trademarks, trade names, service marks, logos, domain names or other identifying signs or images. Those rights are granted free of charge for PurplePorno and may be sublicensed by PurplePorno at its sole discretion to its commercial partners. You understand that you may not request any payment from PurplePorno for posting, sharing, modifying, or distributing Your Content.

Developing Widgets and Themes embedding Your Content does not confer you any right or exclusivity to the information, ideas and/or services you may communicate or provide to users. PurplePorno is under no duty to distribute Your Content. Without limiting the foregoing, you acknowledge and agree that PurplePorno or its users may develop Widgets and Themes similar to yours without incurring any type of liability whatsoever.

VI. Disclaimer

Limitation of Liability

The Service and the Site are made available to you “as is.” PurplePorno makes no warranty, whether implied or express, as to the Service and the Site. In particular and without limitation, we may not warrant the continuity and quality of the Service available on this Site, or the fact that the Site will be permanently accessible, or that our users will not violate the TOS or our privacy policy. We may limit the use of our Service. We may not be held liable for the failure to make available, or for the deletion of, content or messages exchanged between users.

You understand that you are accessing and using the Site and the Service at your own risk. PurplePorno may not be held liable for your reliance on any information or data you may have accessed, directly or indirectly, through the Service, nor for your accessing or downloading of any material, program, or file through the Service. PurplePorno may not be held liable for any loss of data or for any damage to your computer system or any other device used to access the Service.

You understand that you are accessing and using the Site and the Service at your own risk. PurplePorno may not be held liable for your reliance on any information or data you may have accessed, directly or indirectly, through the Service, nor for your accessing or downloading of any material, program, or file through the Service. PurplePorno may not be held liable for any loss of data or for any damage to your computer system or any other device used to access the Service.

Although we use our best efforts and all available means to ensure the confidentiality of your personal data, we may not be held liable in the case of a breach of said confidentiality, regardless of its cause (including, but not limited to, technical difficulty, intrusion into our data processing system, or human mistake).

More generally, you accept that we may not be held liable for any consequential, special, or incidental damages, indirect, resulting from the access to or use of the Service and/or Site and that the limitation of liability applies to PurplePorno SAS. and to its affiliated companies, principals, directors, agents, and employees.

Third-Party Content – Links

PurplePorno has no control over and does not host Third-Party Content or services that may be provided by third parties through the Widgets, the Ecosystem, or the Site (the “Third-Party Services”). Similarly, we cannot control links to other websites or other Internet resources. These resources, content and services are provided to you “as is” to facilitate your web browsing.

As such, you acknowledge that we may not be held liable with respect to third-party resources, content or services and you undertake to directly and exclusively contact the appropriate third party with any claim or request you may have. We may not be held liable with respect to the content, advertisements, products, services or any other data or information available on or from those external sites or sources. Furthermore, you understand that we may not be held liable for any damages or loss arising from or connected with the use of or the reliance on the contents, goods, or services available on those external sites or sources.

VII. Warranties

You expressly warrant that you own all the rights to, or have secured all the necessary authorizations for, the use and distribution of Your Content, including the right to sublicense those rights. As PurplePorno does not exercise any control in Your Content, you understand that PurplePorno may not be held liable for its communication to the public and share Your Content under your sole responsibility. Your Content shall at all times be in compliance with the PurplePorno TOS and, more generally, is not harmful or unlawful, in particular towards minors.

Further, you represent that you shall hold harmless (including reasonable attorneys’ fees) PurplePorno, its affiliated companies, its principals, its agents, its administrators, and its employees from and against any claim by any third party arising out of or connected with the use or distribution of Public Pages, Widgets or Themes embedding Your Content, the violation of the TOS, or, more generally, the violation of the law.

VIII. Miscellaneous

Update and Modification

We reserve the right to correct possible errors on the Site and, more generally, to modify, from time to time and without notice, the Site or any part thereof. We may not be held liable for any modification, interruption, or suspension of the Service or for any resulting damages.


We may send you notices via email, or display on the Site links to said notices. We may use this method, for instance, to inform you of future revisions to the TOS.

Termination of account

You may terminate your account at any time. In the case of violation of the TOS, we reserve the right to limit your access to the Site and/or to rename or terminate your account. You understand and accept that we may not be held liable for the cancellation of your account.


If any provision of the TOS is adjudged by a court to be void or unenforceable, this shall in no way affect any other provision of the TOS, which shall remain in full force and effect.

Entire Agreement

The TOS and the Privacy Policy constitute the entire agreement between You and PurplePorno and shall supersede any prior agreement.

No Waiver

A waiver by PurplePorno of any term or condition of the TOS shall not be deemed or construed to be a waiver of such term or condition for the future or any subsequent breach thereof.


The headings of the clauses do not form part of and shall not be read into the construction of the TOS.

Choice of Law – Forum

The TOS and your relationship with PurplePorno are governed by USA law. USA courts shall have jurisdiction over any dispute arising out of or connected with the use of the Service or the Site.


Versioning June 2016